Cat Trees That Look Like Trees


Palm Tree Cat Scratcher

Cats love to climb things: bookcases, shelves, trees, bureaus, everything. That’s why its great to give them something that is specially designed to climb on. You don’t want them falling off of the top of the bookshelf, or crashing down on a table. They might get hurt.
Some cats even jump up and perch on top of refrigerators and flatscreen T.V’s. That can be dangerous. A flat screen t.v. can fall over quite easily.  This is why the best thing to do is get something that has been designed specifically for your cat to jump on and climb on.


Now, there are lots of different styles. This is going to be for people who want cat trees that look like trees. Some of the designs look like condos. There are even fancy modern looking models that are called Cat Condos. Those are fun, but this is going to be a selection of the type that actually resemble tress.  Some of them even have a space for a plant.

Here are some Cat Trees that Look Like Trees

Palm Tree Style

This looks like a Palm Tree. It has Three Levels, two that your cat can jump up on. The truck is made manila rope. This is a good scratching material.  It has a space for a water bowl on one of the shelves.


This is a cool looking design. It looks like a Palm Tree. It is also good in that it doesn’t take up much space. A lot of the cat trees are big and don’t fit into rooms very well.




Ficus Tree Style Cat Scratcher

This is a ficus tree design. It has a space for your cat to sit and drink water. It comes with a recessed space that houses a stainless steel water bowl.

The main part of the tree has a perfect material for scratching. It is a heavy manila rope that wraps around the main truck. The leaves are a silk polyester.






This one is really big and it has lots of space for climbing.  It has two spaces for your cat to sleep—they call it bedrooms. There are also several perches. You have high ones, as well as medium height ones. This is good for homes with multiple cats. It is heavy enough so that you don’t have to worry about it falling over.

The design mimics real wood and there are faux leaves that adorn the tree.

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